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HUD-3500 Flight Deck

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HGS-3500 Head-up Guidance System


With the HGS-3500, you’ll get precise head-up guidance cues that enhance situational awareness and safety during all flight phases.

With breakthroughs in cockpit fit and affordability, the HGS-3500 is the industry's first head-up guidance system to be developed for mid-size and light business aircraft. And it’s the first and only system designed to fit comfortably and aesthetically in your flight deck.


Head-up Guidance System (3.80Mb PDF)

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Available with Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion™ integrated avionics systems
  • Improves stability and precision on all landing approaches
  • Enhances awareness of your position relative to the runway and surrounding terrain, by combining synthetic vision with eyes-forward flying technique
  • Improves monitoring and control of your aircraft’s energy state and flight path through intuitive display of attitude, path vector and acceleration
  • Offers crosswind and wind shear indications to enable more accurate flight path control while keeping your attention focused outside the windscreen
  • Offers flight path guidance that corresponds to the TCAS vertical speed command – simply fly to the command position

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Please contact Rockwell Collins for additional information on this product.

Please contact Rockwell Collins for additional information on this product.