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Medical, Dental and Vision

My health while working


The health of our employees and their families is important to Rockwell Collins, and having access to quality and affordable health care is one of our most valued benefits. Our medical, dental and vision plans are built on a foundation of company-paid basic coverage for qualifying employees. In addition to basic coverage, employees can purchase more coverage if they need it. Outlined below is some information on the standard plans we offer in the U.S., although our benefits packages vary both domestically and internationally.


Rockwell Collins offers two primary medical plan options through Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS):

  • Both are high-deductible health plans using a preferred network of providers    (out-of-network benefits are available) that come with the option of establishing a tax advantaged Health Savings Account (HSA).

To help employees save and pay for their health (and dependent care) expenses, we offer these account options:

  • Health savings account (HSA) – an account that allows pre-tax savings to pay for eligible health care expenses now or in the future. The money in an HSA can roll over from year to year and is portable.
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) – an account that allows pre-tax savings to pay for eligible health care expenses, including prescription drugs, dental and vision. A second FSA is available for dependent care expenses, such as day care and nursing home care.

Dental and vision

Rockwell Collins provides two dental plans: one for basic and preventive care services, and a more comprehensive option for complex needs. We also provide employees with a vision plan.

Wellness program

Our comprehensive wellness program gives employees and their family members the tools, resources and support they need to maintain or improve their health. The program is designed to encourage participants to assess their health, act on their health and achieve healthy outcomes. Rockwell Collins provides an incentive for participating in our wellness program that we deposit directly into our employees' HSAs.  We also provide free counseling services through a third-party Employee Assistance Program (EAP).