The U.S. military’s “TAke Charge And Move Out” (TACAMO) aircraft perform the critical mission of ensuring reliable and survivable communications between national command authorities and U.S. strategic forces. Building on four decades of experience with providing avionics and communications for the TACAMO mission aircraft, Rockwell Collins continues this legacy through the E-6B Block I Modification and Internet Protocol Bandwidth Expansion programs.

The current modifications address platform deficiencies and projected obsolescence issues by providing the E-6B aircraft with an open system architecture for the mission avionics, and upgrading primary mission systems including the digital airborne intercommunication switching system and intercommunications system, the mission computer set, the ultra high frequency command, control and communication system and various Internet protocol networking and bandwidth expansion upgrades. In addition, the electrical power and cooling systems are being modified to improve preflight, post-flight and ground alert operations.

The E-6B open system architecture provides a network infrastructure for connecting and controlling mission avionics systems and includes a secure voice over Internet protocol-based interphone system. This infrastructure allows operator functions to be performed from all stations, enabling dynamic or mission-based workload distribution. Additionally, the flexibility of the design allows for cost effective future upgrades and growth.

Antenna Equipment:
Rockwell Collins has supplied Antenna Tensioner Reeling Machines (ATRMs), which support the Navy’s E-6B Airborne National Command Post/TACAMO fleet. ATRM is a unique set of ground support equipment used at the organization’s maintenance level to remove and install trailing wire antennas on the E-6B’s very low frequency/low frequency high power transmit set.

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